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What are the Benefits of Front Closure Bras for Seniors?

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15 Aug 2022

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different bra shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from. If you have been sticking to the traditional rear-closure bra simply because they are familiar, you may be missing out on the variety of bras available—which are as diverse as the community of people wearing them. One of these styles often looked over? The front closure bra!

Front closure bras fasten at the center of your chest, making clasp closuring easier with less arm movement. For someone with a large bust who struggles to reach their back, or anyone with arm or shoulder mobility difficulties, this can be a tremendous benefit.

Perhaps when they were first introduced to the market, front clasp bras were marketed as the ‘sexy’ option without proper functional support. (And it’s true the front clasp can be an attractive and empowering option for that reason.) But today’s front clasp bras have all the support and comfort of traditional bras—and may even offer hidden benefits.

Many people may already be trying to “hack” the benefits of a front closure bra by using their rear closure bra, without even knowing a better option exists. It is common for the wearer to put a bra on backwards, secure the hook-and-eye clasp in the front, spin the bra around, then loop their arms through the straps. Quite a lot of time and effort (and twisting!) just to secure a bra.

Bras with hooks at the back do have their practical reasons, of course. Back hooks allow for numerous rows, allowing you to tighten your bra as it ages and stretches. This is why, no matter the style, it is important to find a bra that fits properly and snugly when you first purchase it so that it continues to support you after it inevitably stretches.

Whether you want an easier dressing routine in the morning, or are one of the millions of Americans with mobility limitations that make getting dressed difficult, dressing couldn’t be easier with front clasp bras. For any bra-wearer who wants to minimize their amount of movement, fine-motor function, and body rotation—or simply those tired of the struggle-dance pulling a bra overhead everyday—there are many hidden advantages to a front closure bra.

Hello, Convenience: Front Clasps are Easier and Quicker to Close

If you've ever wrestled with a bra’s rear hook-and-eye closure, or gotten trapped mid-twist attempting to get out of a pullover bra, you know how helpful front-open bras can be.

Front-open bras make life a lot simpler for those of us with larger chests or shoulder mobility difficulties that might make reaching to the back a daily annoyance, or even a source of pain. Suddenly, a front closure bra means it’s secured on the first try!

More Styles to Choose From: Front Closures Allow for Wider and Lower Necklines

Because front-clasp bras usually feature lower center panels, they're less likely to protrude beneath low-cut necklines or pop up against wide-neck tops.

When the closure is at the front, you may also choose from a wider range of back styles—including a shirt back with cutouts, lace, sheer fabric, or a low dip—without the risk of showing your bra’s hook-and-eye closure.

There are many different styles of front-closing bras to select from, so whether you prefer a front-closing racerback bra, T-shirt bra, or bralette, you can find one that suits you. Front-close bras come with molded or non-molded cups, as well as underwire or wire-free options. A wide range of colors and fabrics are available, so a comfortable option is out there no matter how much you move around during the day. Breastfeeding mothers will undoubtedly enjoy the ease of front-closing nursing bras, as well.

Just as Attractive: Front Clasp Bras Give a Supportive and Natural Shape

Front closure bras must confront the myth that they are somehow less supportive. In fact, front closure bras give just as much support as traditional bras, and can even give more!

Front closure bras tend do have less elastic shoulder straps due to their distinctive construction. This not only provides excellent stability for everyday activities, but it also acts as a wonderful backup support system if the remainder of the bra begins to spread out and no longer fits you.

Many with wide-set breasts benefit from front closure bras in particular. When it comes to fit, those with wide-set breasts often subconsciously choose a bra which creates a more centered look. As you clasp the cups together with front open bras, the breasts are pushed inwards towards the center, giving your bust a natural and attractive shape.

Farewell, Back Folds: Front Hooks Mean a Smoother Silhouette

Front-clasp bras offer a smoother shape with fewer lines and bumps, which is essential when wearing clinging or form-fitting materials. Plus, because they don't have hook-and-eye hardware in the back, they're more pleasant against the skin, especially if you're spending all day leaning against a chair with a stiff back.

This is not only true of back lumps. Front closure bras also smooth the sides in a flattering way, giving you a bump-free silhouette that is particularly convenient for clingy fabrics.

What are the Drawbacks?

While front closure bras come with a lot of conveniences, there are of course pros and cons to every bra style. Front clasp bras tend to have a narrower center panel, which can mean a bit of forward spillage for those with larger breasts. Look for a wide center panel or sturdy cup to avoid this issue.

Front closure bras typically have one clasp, unlike a traditional rear hook-and-eye with three or four adjustable band width options. Be sure to find a front clasp bra that fits well so you do not need as many band adjustment options.

How do I Take a Front Closure Bra On and Off?

One of the most appealing features of a front-hook bra is how uncomplicated it is to put on. Simply put your arms through the straps and place the clasp in the middle of your chest. Fasten the closure, and adjust if needed.

To ensure that your breasts are correctly positioned in the cups, bend forward a little and ensure they do not slip forward. Make sure the straps are snug but not so tight that they push into your shoulders or cause the back of your bra to rise.

Removing the bra is just as easy! Undo the front clasp, and then remove the straps one at a time. To extend the life of your bra, don't stretch it any farther than is absolutely required while slipping it off your arms.

Are There ‘Adaptive’ Front Closure Bras?

Springrose is developing a high-quality adaptive bra that includes a comfortable front clasp. This attractive and inclusive bra makes bra-wearers of all ages and mobility levels feel supported, attractive, empowered, and comfortable.

bras for seniors with arthritis, older woman staring at camera in a black front closure bra

Adaptive lingerie applies the same philosophy of the front clasp bra, and goes the extra step to ensure fabrics are soft, straps are adjustable, and dressing is as simple as possible. Springrose is proud to set new examples for how adaptive lingerie can fit every woman without compromising on beauty and style.

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