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Frequently Asked Questions


Anyone who wants flexibility in how they get dressed, whether because of age, an injury, illness, or disability.

Our patent-pending bra was developed with input from over 500 women and over 30 clinicians. We also had women across different conditions (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, stroke) test the bra and give us feedback.

Our product is manufactured ethically in Colombia, known as the textile and intimates capital of Latin America. Our manufacturing partner pays a living wage and mainly employs single mothers, so they can provide for their families. They have great working conditions and are highly trained, so they manufacture for bigger brands than ours.

Yes! We are constantly designing and developing new products. If you sign up for our emails, we’ll keep you informed on new product launches. If you’d like to help us develop new products, you can sign up to be part of our Creator Community at the end of Our Innovation page.

To best care for your bra, make sure to close the velcro before washing. Bras last the longest when hand washed with a gentle soap and hung to dry in a place without direct sunlight. We know this is not possible for everyone, so as an alternative, you can wash it in the washing machine on a gentle, cold cycle.


Find your right size with our Sizing Quiz or by using the Size Chart.

If you still have questions, you can also email us on our contact us page and we would be happy to help you find your size.

Yes! We did multiple rounds of fit tests with 15+ women (most brands use 3!) and for our G and H cup ladies, the fit and support varied depending on breast shape. We do not believe in compromising on comfort or support, so we are working on solving this and increasing our sizing range in the future. Let us know what size(s) you'd like to see on this page!

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About the Adaptive Bra

Quality construction, craftsmanship, and expensive fabric. Our plunge front closure bra was designed by lingerie experts and tested by many women to make sure the support is there. We use a compression fabric that is more commonly used for shapewear to keep the girls up without wires.

The plunge front closure bra is not a racerback, but it can work with racerback clips to make it a racerback. The straps are quite long, so it should work for most shoulder heights.

We caught this problem during early testing, so the part on the front strap is the loop (the soft piece). We also use a new Velcro product that’s softer and nicer than what’s been available before. However, we do recommend checking to make sure the Velcro is on right, whether by touch or in the mirror, since a very misaligned placement can reduce the support.