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The Best Front Closure Bras For Seniors | No More Strains or Aches

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11 Jul 2023

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The reality is that traditional back-fastening bras aren’t really comfortable or convenient for anyone. We all have aches and pains and difficulty with hooks.

Luckily there are some brilliant front-fastening bras that remove a lot of the most common issues that arise with putting on and comfortably wearing a bra. 

We’ve rounded up the very best front closure bras for seniors. Here’s a run down of everything you need to consider if you’re shopping for a good front-closure bra.

Just need the recommendations? Skip down to the list of winners. 

Best front closure bras for seniors: a retailer wall full of bras

Considerations For Front Closure Bras

What do we need when it comes to choosing a bra? Comfort? Support? Simple fastens and straps? Here are the factors that you should be considering before you make a choice.


Comfortable bras for seniors can be hard to come by, especially if you’re looking for front-fastening options. We wear bras all the time, so it’s really crucial that we can feel comfortable day-to-day. Bras made from soft, breathable fabrics that feel gentle against the skin are much better options than those designed exclusively for support. There is always a happy medium.

Support & Security

Support can be really important, especially if you suffer from aches or pains in your back or shoulders. Look for bras with front-adjusting straps to be sure you can feel secure and supported even if you can’t reach over your shoulder to make changes to strap length. 


Front closure bras are available in both wired and wire-free designs. Wired bras are designed to offer additional shaping and support but they don’t tend to be the most comfortable options. Wire-free bras prioritize comfort and flexibility so they can be ideal if mobility is an issue or you just want a comfortable day-to-day option. A front-closure wireless bra for seniors can be an ideal compromise between comfort and practicality.

Clasps and Straps

On top of front-adjusting over shoulder straps, it’s important to look for front-fastening bra clasps if shoulders or hands are a problem area. Front fastens can really speed up getting dressed in the morning and reduce the likelihood of overstretching and straining for people of all ages. Some front closing bras for seniors even come with additional O-rings for those with limited dexterity, shoulder injuries, or problems like arthritis. 

Lots of front-closure bras are secured with Velcro® or magnets to make the whole process more simple. It’s important to remember that magnets can pose an issue for some with pacemakers, so Velcro® is generally a better option.

Size and Fit

Proper sizing is crucial for comfort and support. Over time seniors may experience changes in their body shape, so it's important to know what size you’re looking for (especially if you’re shopping online). 

Here is our guide to finding the right size!

Looking Good

Bras don’t need to just feel good, they need to look good. This is something that most front-fastening bras are missing. We understand just how important feeling good is, so it was an important factor for our decision as we were putting together this guide for the best bras for seniors.

Adaptive bras for seniors: a group of attractive older women hugging and laughing on the beach

Adaptive Bras For Seniors

When it comes to vital clothing, we need to also consider adaptability and function. As time passes, it can be easy to feel the years in our joints and muscles, and some will need to consider things like pacemakers and the impact of other conditions when choosing the best front-fastening bra.

Adaptive clothing offers a practical solution.

Adaptive bras offer unique features that cater to specific mobility needs and can greatly enhance the overall bra-wearing experience for seniors.

Front Closure and Adjustable Front Fastenings

Front closure bras are already convenient for seniors, but certain models go a step further by offering adjustable front fastenings. These bras feature easy front hooks or closures that allow for further customization in fit and support. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for individuals with varying body shapes or needs.

Some bras are designed to pair comfort with practicality. The Springrose Velcro® fasten bra is the perfect example of a product that has been adapted for amazing comfort and practical use.

Different Ways To Fasten A Bra

For those who need to fasten a bra differently, adaptive bras can be a brilliant option. Well designed bras for seniors will be able to be put on by stepping in, pulling the bra down over your head or even by fixing the clasp one-handed. They can offer independence and a more comfortable dressing experience.


Our Winner, The Best Front Closure Bra For Seniors: 

A beautiful older woman staring off into the distance while wearing Springrose's front closing bra for seniors

Springrose Plunge Front Closure Bra

Our winner is the Springrose plunge front closure bra. It ticks all of the boxes we’ve covered in this guide and is one of the most practical, adaptable and comfortable bras for seniors. 

Here are a few highlights:

    • Wireless band with wide sides for extra comfort
    • Wide, front-adjusting straps to reduce pressure
    • Velcro® hook and loop front closure
    • Cushioned back closure for band adjustability
    • Optional o-ring for enhanced dexterity
    • Magnet free and pacemaker safe
    • Soft fabric to protect sensitive skin
    • Nickel-free hardware for a worry-free experience
    • It looks great!

Don’t just take our word for it, over 500 women with limited mobility mostly aged 50+ helped to create our choice for best bra for seniors, and the rave reviews highlight the phenomenal comfort and ease of use:

 "As crummy as I felt yesterday, the ease of taking the bra off was welcomed!" - Pam
"It's comfortable, soft - I love the material." - Marie


Young model wearing the glamorize bra

Runner-Up: Glamorise MagicLift Front-Close Posture Back Bra

Our first runner-up is the Glamorise front closure bra.

It’s perfect if you’re looking for practicality over style and don’t have any issue with traditional clasps.

This bra offers additional back support so it might be a great choice if you need that extra upper-back support.

Chest shot of woman wearing a Bali bra

Runner-Up: Bali Women’s Underwire Shaping Bra

Our second runner-up is perfect if you need underwire.

Again, it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal as our winner but it’s a great alternative option if you prefer wired bras or need more narrow over-shoulder straps.

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