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21 Gifts For Stroke Survivors | Practical and Thoughtful Gifts For Loved Ones

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13 Jun 2023

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What Is A Good Gift For A Stroke Patient?

When someone we care about has experienced a stroke, it's important to show our support and care as they navigate their recovery journey. One meaningful way to do so is by buying  gifts that can both provide comfort during day-to-day life and show you’re thinking of them. 

In this post, we've compiled 21 of our best gift ideas for stroke survivors that are practical, helpful, and considerate. 

It’s difficult to know what to buy someone who has had a stroke. Whether you're a loved one or a friend looking for the perfect gift, these suggestions will help you find something special for the stroke survivor in your life.

21 Stroke Victim Gifts To Show You Care

Gifts for stroke survivors - bright yellow sunflowers and a get well soon sign

1. Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise can sometimes be overwhelming for stroke survivors, making it challenging to concentrate or relax. Noise canceling headphones provide a way to create a quiet and peaceful environment, allowing them to enjoy their favorite music, audiobooks, or simply find a bit of peace in the silence.

Gifts for stroke victims can require a bit of extra thought because they need to be easy to use. We’d recommend over ear headphones to avoid fiddly buds that some with dexterity issues may struggle to use.

Over-ear headphones for every budget.

2. Adaptive Bra

Springrose's adaptive bra for stroke patients in terracotta on a beautiful young woman looking off camera

A stroke may impact a person's motor skills and mobility, making everyday tasks more challenging. An adaptive bra with easy, one-handed fastenings and comfortable support can really help with independence and confidence.

Springrose bras are designed to look great and be really easy to use for those who have limited mobility and may struggle with traditional back clasps. 

If you don't know what size to get, a gift card may be a better option. It also helps preserve modesty as some people prefer to buy their own intimates.

Shop adaptive bras for stroke victims.

3. Insulated Drink Tumbler

Gifts for stroke recovery can be both practical and thoughtful. 

Staying hydrated is one thing that is crucial during stroke recovery, making drink bottles a great option. An insulated drink tumbler will keep beverages either hot or cold and can ensure that your loved one has their favorite drinks readily available throughout the day.

Try and choose options that don’t have complicated openings or fixtures for easy use. This Insulated Coffee Tumbler can be used with a straw too and might be a great option when deciding what to get someone who has had a stroke. This Tumbler uses a press button to open the seal, making it more difficult to spill and easier to use with one hand.

4. Books with Puzzles or Coloring Books

Stroke victim gifts don’t need to be boring. Engaging the mind is just as important for stroke survivors. Books with puzzles or coloring books can provide cognitive stimulation, relaxation, and entertainment.

Again you will want to consider how easy it is for your loved one to do intricate details. You might be best to buy less complex patterns if these could prove a challenge.

5. Grabbing Tool

Gifts for stroke victims - a grabbing tool

A grabbing tool with a long handle can help stroke survivors to reach objects without straining or risking a fall. It's a practical tool that offers independence and reduces the need to rely on others for assistance.

6. One-Handed Cutting Board

Cooking and meal preparation can be challenging for stroke survivors who have limited use of one hand. A one-handed cutting board, like the Cook Helper,  with special grips, peelers,  and secure features can make meal prep easier and safer.

Take a look at this unique adaptive cutting board.

7. Rocker Knife

Another useful kitchen tool, a rocker knife, allows stroke survivors to cut food with a single hand. Its curved blade and rocking motion make slicing and chopping more manageable and safer than conventional kitchen knives.

It’s possible to get circular grips, l-shaped grips, or t-shaped grips depending on what’s most suitable for the grip strength and dexterity of your loved one.

8. Loofah Sponge with Handle

Gifts for stroke survivors - a loofah with a handle

Bathing independently is important for stroke survivors. A loofah sponge with a handle provides better reach, helping to maintain personal hygiene with ease and confidence (and without relying on too much help).

9. Lock Laces for Sneakers

Motor impairments are common in stroke survivors and can make shoelaces tough. Lock laces offer a convenient alternative, turning any pair of sneakers into slip-on shoes.

Lock laces make great, affordable gifts for stroke recovery.

10. Shower Chair

For added safety and comfort during bathing, a shower chair provides stability and support. It enables stroke survivors to shower while sitting, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Shower chairs and benches offer independence and comfort.

11. TV Tables

TV tables that can be placed over the couch or beside a chair can make mealtimes more comfortable for stroke survivors. These tables provide a stable surface for eating, enabling them to enjoy meals without strain. They can also help with keeping essentials within easy reach.

Browse TV tables for stroke survivors.

12. Lightweight Dish Sets

Stroke patient gifts - bamboo plate on a wooden background

Traditional heavy dishes can be challenging to handle for stroke survivors with weakened grip or limited strength. Opt for lightweight bamboo dish sets that are pretty, easy to lift, and won't break if accidentally dropped. Bonus is that they are reusable.

13. Back Scratcher

A back scratcher can bring much-needed relief and comfort to stroke survivors, especially if they have difficulty reaching certain areas. It's a small yet thoughtful gift that can make a big difference.

14. Gift Card to Favorite Restaurant (that delivers)

Treating a stroke survivor to a meal from their favorite restaurant is a wonderful way to lift their spirits and offer them a break from cooking. Make sure the restaurant offers delivery service for added convenience.

15. Compression Socks

Gifts for stroke survivor - compression socks over a bright yellow background

Compression socks can help with circulation issues that many stroke survivors face. These specially designed socks provide gentle pressure, promoting blood flow and reducing swelling in the legs.

Shop pretty socks from here.

16. Fuzzy Blanket

A soft and cozy fuzzy blanket can provide comfort and warmth during chilly evenings when your loved one needs a bit of coziness.

17. Heated Blanket or Heating Pad

If a fuzzy blanket doesn’t cut it, you can try a heated blanket or heating pad. 

Look for models with an auto-off feature for added safety. There are plenty of safe heated blankets that make great gifts for stroke survivors.

Browse affordable electric heated blankets.

18. Hand Rails for the Toilet

Gifts for stroke victims - a hand on a handrail next to a toilet

Installing handrails near the toilet can significantly improve safety and stability for stroke survivors. It's a practical gift that promotes independence and reduces the risk of falls. For a less permanent option, you can shop these that are placed around the toilet

19. Homemade Meals Gift Card

Preparing meals can be exhausting for stroke survivors, so giving them the gift of pre-made, home cooked meals is invaluable. Services like Shef offer a variety of delicious options that can be selected and delivered the next day.

20. Suction Bars/Handles

Suction shower bars or handles can be easily attached to the bathroom walls or any tiled walls, providing additional support and stability while showering. They offer an extra sense of security for stroke survivors on top of other adaptive measures for the bathroom.

21. Large Nightstand

Stroke patient gifts - a large nightstand with an animal sculpture, books, and a lamp

A spacious nightstand within easy reach of the bed can be a practical and thoughtful gift. It allows stroke survivors to keep essential items like medication, water, and personal belongings close by.

There are additional features you can look for that are incredibly useful for stroke victims. Built-in wireless charging pads and lift top nightstands both make great gifts for stroke victims.

Choosing The Best Gifts For Stroke Victims

Choosing the right gift for a stroke survivor shows that you care and are invested in their well-being. Whether it's a functional tool, a cozy item, or a convenient aid, each gift is designed to make their daily life a little easier and more enjoyable.

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