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Gift Ideas for Diabetes: Thoughtful Ways To Show You Care

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17 Oct 2023

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Shopping for gifts for someone who’s diabetic isn't about finding a generic present; it's a chance to show your support, understanding, and love for someone in your life managing a challenging health condition. 

Whether you're searching for a gift for a newly diagnosed family member, friend, or colleague with diabetes, or are celebrating a special occasion and want to be sure your gift is suitable, you have come to the right place.

We’re going to take a look at the world of diabetic gifts and provide you with a selection of thoughtful diabetic gift ideas. 

What Challenges Might A Diabetic Loved One Be Facing?

Diabetes is a condition that demands careful management and regular attention. Those living with it day-to-day can often face unique challenges with their diet and physical wellbeing. 

For most with diabetes, the most significant challenge is blood sugar monitoring. People with diabetes need to monitor blood sugar levels multiple times each day to maintain the right balance and this can involve finger pricks or the use of continuous glucose monitoring systems. 

If you’re buying diabetic gifts, this is perhaps the biggest thing you need to be aware of. Where you might traditionally buy chocolates or other sweet treats, you might need to look at alternatives that won’t impact this monitoring.

What Food Gifts Can You Give A Person With Diabetes?

Chai tea in a white teacup with spices beautifully laid out around it

When selecting food gifts for a loved one with diabetes, it's vital to consider their dietary restrictions and health requirements. You should treat it as you might any other dietary requirement and make any necessary adjustments you need to really show you care with your gift.

If you want to buy food gifts, it’s advised to avoid treats with high sugar content. For chocolates, for example, it’s usually better to choose darker options with a higher cocoa content and less sugar. Caffeine-free teas can also be a good option for tasty treats that have a minimal impact on diet.

Non-Food Gifts For People with Diabetes

In many cases, it’s a good idea to avoid food gifts for people with diabetes where you don’t know details about their dietary requirements.

There are many non-food gifts for people with diabetes. Here are some of our favorites:

A woman's hand perusing a cookbook page

Cookbooks - If your loved one is a foodie, there are options you can explore without buying specific foods. A best seller in this category is The Complete Diabetes Cookbook. This can be the perfect option for those who love their food and might still be learning how to adapt their favorite recipes to suit their diet.

Water Bottles - Hydration is so important for general health. A nice bottle or flask can make a wonderful gift. A Hydroflask can be a perfect option in that it is both thoughtful and practical. Plus, it will last for a long time.

Subscriptions - Treat your loved one to a subscription for something they really enjoy. 

Here are a few suggestions that you could try:

  • Music Streaming Service
  • TV or Film Subscription
  • Gaming Subscription
  • Magazine Subscription
  • Audiobook Subscription
  • Book Subscription
  • Flower Subscription
  • Gym Subscription

Beautiful older woman opening the Springrose front close velcro bra

A Bra - This one might sound a little bit odd, but a good easy on bra can make the perfect gift for a loved one with diabetes, especially if they have diabetic neuropathy. 

Occasionally diabetes can cause skin irritation, swelling and mobility problems. This can be costly for independence. It can also cause diabetic neuropathy, which is when a person develops nerve damage and experiences pain, tingling, burning, numbness and/or weakness. It most often starts in the hands and feet and can expand from there. 

Adaptive bras that are designed with this limit in mobility and feeling in mind can help people to regain independence and comfort. 

On top of this, those who use permanent tracking devices that are attached to the arm can be wary of catching or irritating the skin around the device. Front fastening bras can remove this worry. 

Bras are often something that those with diabetes don’t think to buy for themselves, they simply might not consider just how much it can simplify dressing. 

Our favorite adaptive bra is the Springrose Adaptive Bra.

Gift Cards - Gift cards can be the perfect option for a loved one where you aren’t sure what specifically to buy or you aren’t sure on sizing, which might be the case if you are looking at things like bras. 

A gift card can be a more thoughtful way to help someone buy the things they really need.

Notebooks and Stationery - Gifting stationery can be a practical option when you’re shopping for a loved one. You can choose styles and designs that match your loved ones favorite things and they can be great for not only general use but also for tracking things like medication and other important dietary information.

What Do You Buy A Person Newly Diagnosed With Diabetes?

If you’re exploring diabetic gift ideas for someone who has recently been diagnosed, one of the best things you can offer is your support and help as they learn to navigate life with diabetes.

If you’re also searching for a practical gift, there are a few options.

A weekly meal planner and notebook on a table

Meal Planners and Diaries - A diabetes diagnosis can be a life-changing event, particularly when someone isn’t used to managing and tracking their diet as is required with the condition. You can give them a meal planner to help with the necessary adjustments as they learn to manage their condition.

Blood Glucose Monitor - There are many different types of glucose monitor, and some require more maintenance than others. You may be able to help a loved one to get a better monitor to keep tabs of their glucose levels and better manage their diet and condition.

Diabetic Foods - As your loved one begins to explore alternatives for their diet, you may be able to get them some foods to try or offer gift certificates to allow them to buy new foods themselves.

Stress-Relieving Gifts - Any diagnosis can be stressful, particularly one that alters day-to-day life. Gift your loved one some things to help them relieve their stresses and take their mind off their diagnosis. This could be things like puzzles, coloring books, or games or even things like candles and cozy blankets to help them unwind.

No matter what you choose to buy when browsing diabetic gift ideas, it’s important that you show support and thought for your loved one. Be conscious of their needs and dietary requirements and try to buy them something that they will love and that is practical.

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