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25 Thoughtful Gifts For Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

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21 Jul 2023

Gifts for fibromyalgia: a pink wrapped gift and a flower bouquet

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Fibromyalgia can be a challenging condition to live with, which is why it’s so important to show our loved ones with the condition just how much we care. 

One meaningful way we can do this is by giving thoughtful gifts that can provide comfort and pain relief, but also choosing gifts that offer opportunities for relaxation. 

We've put together a list of 25 gift ideas for fibromyalgia patients. From practical aids to soothing treatments and self-care items, these gifts are designed to bring relief and support to those dealing with fibromyalgia.

25 Of The Best Gifts To Help With Fibromyalgia


1. Adaptive Bra

Fibromyalgia bra in terracotta by Springrose

Give the gift of comfort and convenience with an adaptive bra designed with front closures. There’s no need for struggling with tricky clasps or painful twisting. These bras are specially crafted to make dressing a breeze, ensuring a comfortable fit and providing important independence.

Our favorite is, of course, the adaptive bra by Springrose. Gift cards are available here

2. Heating Pad or Electric Blanket

Your fibromyalgia gift could help to melt away the tension and ease pain if you opt for a heating pad or an electric blanket. 

There are plenty of different options available at a number of price points. One popular option is a Tefici Electric Heated Blanket. It makes a good gift idea for a fibromyalgia sufferer because it isn’t too big or heavy.

3. Massaging Foot Machine (or a gift card!)

Help your loved one to treat their tired or aching feet. A massaging foot machine or a gift card to a local massage place can be a practical and relaxing option for a fibromyalgia gift. 

If you’re shopping for massagers, there are non-electric options on the more affordable end of the scale, or more complex electric massagers that cost more but might be easier to operate.

4. Pain Relief Neck Pillow

Neck pillows can offer support and relief in a number of ways. Some can be good for general comfort, others can help to relieve pain and tension. A Cervical Neck Pillow can be the perfect option if neck pain and tension is a particular issue for your loved one.

5. Epsom Salts

gifts for fibromyalgia: wooden spoon with salt and pink flowers

These magical crystals dissolve in warm water, releasing a soothing blend that eases muscle soreness and promotes relaxation. This makes them great gifts for fibromyalgia patients or those having problems with chronic pain. There are even some options that smell lovely

6. Long Body Pillow

From relieving pressure points to promoting better sleep alignment, a long body pillow is a great gift for someone with fibromyalgia. Spreading the pressure can help to relieve pain and can be easier on joints and muscles.

7. Flowers

A vibrant bouquet of flowers can really brighten someone's day. Colorful and fragrant, these blooms will brighten up any space and remind the recipient of your love and care. They can be the perfect pick-me-up.

8. Make Dinner (or give a delivery gift card)

Surprise your loved one with a delicious homemade meal or a gift card to their favorite restaurant that offers delivery. Remove the stress of cooking and enjoy some quality time together.

9. Pedicure

Spoil your loved one with fibromyalgia with a gift card for a pedicure session. Let them indulge in the ultimate foot pampering experience, where their tired feet will be rejuvenated and cared for by skilled professionals. It can be the perfect gift for a mom with fibromyalgia.

10. Adult Coloring Book

best gifts for someone with fibromyalgia: woman playing with an adult coloring book

Provide a creative escape with an adult coloring book and a set of pencils or markers. This creative outlet will not only provide relaxation but also ignite their imagination, offering a therapeutic escape from daily stresses.

11. Ice Packs or Chilled Rollers 

Soothe pain and reduce inflammation with an ice pack or a specialized roller. These handy tools are like little superheroes, providing almost instant relief and helping to soothe everyday pains and aches. 

12. Comfortable Slippers or Socks

Who doesn’t enjoy a cozy pair of slippers or warm, gripping socks? Try and choose something that offers support and grip where you can and make sure they aren’t too restrictive to muscles and joints.

13. Suction Cup Handrails

Safety aids can often be overlooked and undervalued when it comes to choosing gifts for fibromyalgia patients. They can offer independence without sacrificing safety. These easy-to-install grips provide stability and support, making bathing a secure and stress-free experience.

14. Stress Relief Toys or Balls

Give them a stress ball to squeeze away their worries. This simple yet effective tool can help reduce swelling in the hands and relieve tension, allowing your loved one to regain a sense of calm.

15. Hire Someone To Help Clean The House

best gifts for someone with fibromyalgia: woman cleaning a counter

Arrange for a local cleaning service to transform your loved ones home into a sparkling oasis. Let them relax while professionals handle the cleaning, leaving their space organized and rejuvenated. A nice, clean environment can make the world of difference for a loved one who is often limited to staying at home.

16. Sugar Scrubs

These gentle exfoliators will leave their skin feeling smooth, revitalized, and pampered, creating a spa-like experience without leaving the house.

Here are just a few options for this relaxing fibromyalgia gift:

17. Cooling Gel Eye Mask

Revive tired eyes and soothe headaches with a cooling gel eye mask. This refreshing gift option for fibromyalgia will rejuvenate delicate eye areas, providing instant relief and promoting relaxation.

18. A Robot Vacuum

This smart vacuum cleaner companion will take care of floor cleaning with the touch of a button, making the recipient's life easier and meaning they have less physical work to do that can cause aches and pains.

19. Shower Stool

A comfortable and sturdy shower stool is a brilliant and helpful gift for fibromyalgia. This practical gift ensures safety and comfort, allowing them to enjoy a leisurely shower without worries. Try and choose a stool that has a solid base to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls.

20. CBD Oils or Edibles For Pain Relief

best gifts for fibromyalgia: various depictions of cbd oil in a glass, in a bottle, and a marijuana leaf

CBD oils and edibles are becoming increasingly popular for those who experience chronic pain. These products can help with relaxation and pain relief, making them a great standalone gift or an option for fibromyalgia gift baskets.

21. Heated Neck/Shoulder Wrap

This cozy accessory provides soothing heat therapy to melt away tension and relieve pain, offering a spa-like experience right at home.

There are also weighted options available.

22. Soft, Comfortable Pajamas

Just like slippers, you can’t go too wrong with a set of cozy pajamas. Choose them based on comfort and make sure they aren’t too restrictive or difficult to put on.

23. A Reacher Tool

Those with fibromyalgia can have limited mobility and find day-to-day tasks more difficult. Assist them in reaching objects easily and safely with a handy reacher tool that reduces the need for bending or stretching.

24. Thera Cane

A Thera cane helps to ease muscle knots and tension. It’s an adapted massage tool that is more simple to use for those with fibromyalgia or limited mobility.

25. Spend Time Together

gifts for fibromyalgia: a younger woman smiling kindly at an older woman while both cook together

One of the most valuable gifts for a fibromyalgia patient is your time and presence. Plan a day dedicated to spending quality time together, engaging in activities that they enjoy or simply offering a listening ear. Your presence and support can bring immense comfort to a loved one.

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