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How Many Bra Sizes Are There?

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13 Feb 2024

How many bra sizes are there: close up of a woman's chest wearing a lacey black bra and holding up a bouquet of sunflowers over her midriff

The question of how many bra sizes exist might seem straightforward, but the reality is far more nuanced. Bra sizes aren't just about numbers or letters; they represent a diverse spectrum of shapes, proportions, and individual preferences.

Traditionally, bras are sized based on two main measurements: band size and cup size. Band size refers to the circumference of the rib cage just below the bust, while cup size indicates the difference between the bust circumference and the band size. Cup sizes are usually denoted by letters, starting from AA for smaller sizes and progressing alphabetically as the cup volume increases.

While this system might seem finite, the reality is that the number of potential bra sizes is practically infinite. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and so do bras. Additionally, different brands and regions might use slightly different sizing conventions, further expanding the possibilities.

What size someone is may then seem straightforward, but it’s heavily brand dependent. There is no single sizing system, so every brand chooses how they want to define their own sizes. That leads to a lack of consistency, hence why women have such a difficult time shopping for their size. 

Moreover, as awareness around body diversity and inclusivity grows, so does the demand for a broader range of sizes. Lingerie brands are increasingly recognizing the importance of offering options for individuals with larger band sizes, smaller cups, and vice versa. This push for inclusivity has led to an expansion of bra size ranges, catering to a more diverse array of body types.

The largest natural breast size and bra size ever recorded was for a woman from Georgia who measured as a 102 ZZZ. Of course, this is outside the norm, but even in the US the average bra cup size is a DD. 

Ultimately, the question of how many bra sizes there are doesn't have a definitive answer. People have different body shapes which contribute to varying sizes. Even two people with the same measurements might be different sizes depending on their breast shape and preferences. Whether you're a 32A or a 42M, what matters most is finding a bra that fits well and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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