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12 Post-Surgery Gifts For Her

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16 Mar 2023
Gifts for surgery recovery: a gift basket in shades of pink and green

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After-surgery gifts can be just the pick-me-up a friend or loved one needs when they’ve undergone a procedure. Even the smallest surgeries can require a significant recovery period and surgery recovery gifts and treats can help the process when caring for someone special while their body recovers.

What Do You Gift Someone Recovering From Surgery?

The relationship you have with the person undergoing surgery might impact the surgery recovery gifts you choose. Flowers and sweet treats can be a great option for helping someone feel better post surgery, but there might be more practical options if you are looking for a gift for a family member or close friend who has just undergone an operation.

Surgery Recovery Gifts: Ideas That Help Recovery

Recovering from surgery can be a difficult time, but giving a thoughtful and fun gift to a loved one can lift their spirits and make their recovery process a little bit easier. 

Here are just a few post-surgery gift ideas:

  • Puzzle books or board games: Activities that keep the mind occupied can help to pass the time during recovery. Puzzle books, crosswords, word searches, or even board games can all be great options. Before you give surgery recovery gifts like these, you should think about the type of surgery they have undergone, things like rotator cuff surgeries might mean limited mobility for a while.

  • Coloring books and pencils: Coloring books designed for adults have become increasingly popular in recent years. They can be a relaxing and therapeutic way to pass the time during recovery.

  • Post surgery bras or recovery clothing: Recovery can be a lot more comfortable if you have the right clothing to suit your injury. Bras for shoulder surgery patients, for example, are a great way to gift independence in scenarios where putting a bra on after surgery can be difficult and sometimes painful. If you don't know their size, you can also buy a gift card to the store.

  • A cozy blanket: A soft and comfortable blanket can be a perfect gift for someone recovering from surgery. They help to keep your loved one warm and comfortable while they rest and recover.

  • A good book or e-reader: Reading can be a great way to escape from reality and pass the time during recovery. A lightweight e-reader or book subscription can be good post-surgery gifts if mobility is limited. 

  • Snacks and treats: Having some of their favorite snacks on hand can be a great pick-me-up during recovery.

  • A care package: Put together a care package filled with items that can make the recovery process a little easier. You could try lip balm, lotion, eye masks or soft pajamas.

  • A journal or notepad: Writing can be a therapeutic way to process emotions and reflect on experiences. You could try gifting your loved one a journal or notepad to record their thoughts and feelings during recovery.

  • Flowers or plants: Plants can help improve air quality and create a calming atmosphere in a room. Try to choose a low-maintenance plant like a succulent so it’s easy to care for. Some great options are snake plants, pothos, and aloe vera

  • A streaming service subscription: If your loved one will be spending a lot of time at home after surgery, consider gifting them a subscription to a streaming service for something they enjoy.

  • A food delivery gift card: Food is the way to someone’s heart, especially if they have been having a lot of hospital food recently. A gift card to a food delivery service will bring some excitement to their day by letting them eat whatever they are craving and reduce the burden of cooking.

  • A personalized gift: Personalized gifts after surgery show that you put thought and effort in and can be a great way to make your loved one feel special and cared for during their recovery.

Gifting Post-Surgery Recovery Clothing 

Sometimes the gifts we give can be thoughtful and practical. After surgery, previously simple tasks can become more difficult but independence is an important part of the recovery process.

Things like bras can pose a particular challenge for those who have undergone shoulder or rotator cuff surgery or any surgery on fingers, wrists or arms. The loss of flexibility in joints means limited mobility during recovery and this is why specially-designed bras for after surgery can make great gifts for someone recovering from surgery – they allow you to give independence.

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