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How to Put a Bra On with One Hand

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How to Put a Bra On with One Hand

23 May 2023

Putting on a bra can be very challenging for individuals with limited hand or arm mobility due to shoulder injuries, an amputation, a broken bone, stroke hemiplegia, etc. The hooks in the back require a high degree of mobility and dexterity that is not always available. 

That is why at Springrose we have developed a bra for one handed people that is easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and beautiful in appearance. 

The primary goal of our one hand bra is to provide convenience and independence in the dressing routine. By incorporating thoughtful design elements, such as our innovative front closure with Velcro hook and look, the one arm bra allows individuals to effortlessly don and fasten their bras with a single hand.

How to put a bra on with one hand

Step 1

Open up the front Velcro hook and loop strap of the side where you do have a mobile hand or arm. 

Step 2

How to put a bra on with one hand step 2 - slide it up your less mobile arm

Slide the non-mobile or missing arm (e.g., the amputated arm, paralyzed arm, limb difference) through the hole created by the shoulder strap. Rest the shoulder strap on your shoulder.

Step 3a

One arm bra tutorial step 3a GIF

Reach back with your mobile arm. Slide your arm through the other shoulder strap hole and bring the strap up to your shoulder. 

Step 3b

How to put a bra on with one hand step 3b

If that movement isn’t possible for you, reach around the front of your body, over your non-mobile or missing limb, until you’ve grasped the hanging shoulder strap. Move your arm in a circular motion around the back of your head bringing the strap with you to the mobile side of your body. Slide your arm through the hole and bring the shoulder strap up to your shoulder. 

Step 4

Make sure the shoulder straps aren’t twisted and that the bra cups are in front of or next to your breasts. 

Step 5

one handed bra technique step 5 GIF

Grasp the open, rigid Velcro strap and move it towards the metal rectangle on the other front strap. Loop the Velcro strap through the rectangle, grab from the tip from the other side and pull fully, attaching the strap to the Velcro on the bra underband.

Check in the mirror or with your fingers to make sure no Velcro is visible to reduce the chance that it could rub against your skin.

Tips for improving the one arm bra fit

  1. Make sure to adjust the shoulder straps to an appropriate tightness to improve support. The straps should not feel like they are digging on your shoulders, but that they are supporting your breasts. 
  2. Check to make sure the Velcro is properly aligned. If this is challenging, aim the strap downward when attaching. It’s better to have the strap exposed than the Velcro on the underband, because the strap has the loop part (e.g., soft part of the Velcro).
  3. If the band feels too tight or too loose, adjust the back closure. Try to avoid loosening from the front, because this reduces the support (unless this does not matter to you, then do whatever you want). 

At Springrose, we seek to improve quality of life for individuals with limited mobility or disabilities. The creation of the one arm bra represents our first patent-pending innovation in the space and was co-created with hundreds of women and clinicians. It is a significant step forward in empowering those with limited mobility, enabling them to effortlessly dress themselves with grace and ease. 

Here is the entire one handed bra demonstration as a video:

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