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Broken Hand Tools To Help With Rest and Recovery

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28 Nov 2023

 Broken hand tools: a close up of a woman's cast around her hand and wrist

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Embarking on the road to recovery, especially when dealing with a broken hand, can demand a few practical solutions. Broken hand tools can help with everyday tasks that once felt routine and now pose unexpected challenges.

We’re going to look at some of our favorite broken hand tools for those preparing for hand surgery or for those trying to get to grips with daily tasks with a brand new cast or sling.

What Can Broken Hand Tools Offer?

Broken hand tools are about making it more simple for you to get the rest and recovery you need to heal. 

If you’ve broken your hand or recently had surgery, you’re likely going to have a cast or sling. This can mean that you need to do lots of normal day to day activities one-handed, something that is particularly difficult if you’ve lost use of your dominant hand.

This is where broken hand tools come in.

Our Top 10 Broken Hand Tools

1. The Springrose Adaptive Bra

Springrose's adaptive bra for a broken hand

The Springrose Adaptive Bra is our favorite recommendation when it comes to broken hand tools.

Following a surgery or injury, it’s common for people to lose some independence. Smaller tasks become more complex and it’s not unusual to need extra assistance with things like dressing.

The Springrose bra is front closing and perfect for one-handed use. Its velcro closure bypasses complex hooks and allows those recovering from hand injuries to maintain some privacy during recovery. 

(They’re also so comfortable that they often become people’s go-to when fully healed!)

Shop Springrose

2. Elevation Pillow With Ice Pockets

Elevate your recovery game with this special recovery pillow with ice pockets

This ergonomic pillow isn't just for show – it's designed for comfort, cradling your injured hand while offering the option to apply additional cool relief. The pillow’s a great choice if your broken hand is swollen and sore and can be a really good reminder that you need to rest.

3. Compact Vegetable Chopper

Broken hand tools: chopping machine with chopped carrots inside and other vegetables nearby

Daily chores and previously simple tasks can become much more difficult if you have a cast or sling.

A Compact Vegetable Chopper can simplify meal prep and make cooking more accessible. 

This user-friendly tool allows you to efficiently chop fruits and vegetables, minimizing strain on your hands. Its compact design and easy operation make it an essential addition to your kitchen, ensuring you can still prepare meals during your recovery.

4. Waterproof Cast Sleeves

Waterproof cast sleeves might feel a bit odd to wear but they can give you the freedom to shower during recovery and feel energized. 

Depending on the severity of your injury and the predicted recovery time, these could become an essential part of your routine.

5. No Laces!

Broken hand tools: yellow slides

Laces are particularly challenging with one hand out of action. They require coordination and hand dexterity, which might be a challenge if your dominant hand is in a cast. Try looking into slide-ons as a comfy option that won’t require any straining during your recovery.

6. Electric Toothbrush

One common suggestion from those who have experienced a loss of grip or dexterity in their dominant hand is an electric toothbrush.

Brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand is a lot harder than it sounds. Many people underestimate how much extra effort is required to concentrate on the actual movement of brushing. 

Electric toothbrushes are a valuable broken hand tool that allow people to carry out essential daily tasks without extra focus and without dedicating more time than necessary.

7. Pump Top Dispensers For Creams and Gels

Broken hand tools: orange colored flatlay of a generic bottle with a pump dispenser, surrounded by slices of oranges

Similarly, pump top dispensers can help to simplify daily tasks. When it comes to shampoos, soaps, creams and gels, we underestimate how much we use both hands.

Pump top dispensers are an invaluable tool if you’re recovering from a broken hand.

8. Hand Grip Strengthener

Part of recovery is rebuilding those hand muscles. Hand grip strengtheners and stress toys can be a great place to start.

Before you start with movement, it’s important to get the all-clear from a healthcare professional. Starting to move a broken hand too soon can impact long term recovery.

9. Button, Zipper and Hook Assistant Tool

Broken hand tools: an adaptive velcro front close bra

Getting dressed with one hand can be a challenge. Luckily, there are adaptive tools for shoulder and hand injuries to make the process more simple.

On top of adaptive bras, you can explore assistant tools that make zippers and buttons easier to manage. It’s important that you don’t strain or stretch a broken hand to allow it to heal properly, so these fairly inexpensive tools can be really useful.

10. Wrist Ice Pack

Those who have hand breaks and surgeries can experience discomfort and swelling in problem joints long-term. Excessive use or even a change in temperature can cause swelling and discomfort for some.

Having a wrist ice pack on hand can help to alleviate some of this swelling and offer some comfort.

Broken Hand Gifts For Loved Ones

A neutral colored gift wrapped box tied with string and a sprig of lavander

If you’re caring for a loved one who’s experienced a hand or shoulder injury, there are a number of ways you can show you’re thinking of them.

Our Favorite Broken Hand Gifts

  • Food Delivery - Immediately following surgery, you might want to take away some of the stresses and strains that come with everyday life. You can make your loved one a favorite meal or gift them some food delivery gift certificates so that they can treat themselves. It might be the pick-me-up they’re looking for.
  • Puzzles or Coloring Books - Recovery from an injury can be time consuming and frustrating, particularly if you’re loved one likes to keep busy. Try getting them some puzzles or coloring activities that make their rest time a little more enjoyable.
  • Comfy Blankets or Cozy Slippers - Rest is important during recovery. Encourage your loved one to relax and heal properly with some comfy blankets and cozy gifts like candles and their favorite hot drink. 
  • Gift Cards - If buying a loved one an adaptive bra for recovery is an intimidating thought, take a look at gift cards instead. They take away the guesswork involved in picking sizes and colors and they’re much more thoughtful than some flowers or snacks.
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