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Can You Wear a Bra After Rotator Cuff Surgery?

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05 Mar 2024

Can You Wear a Bra After Rotator Cuff Surgery? A mature woman touches her shoulder and looks concerned.

Can you wear a bra after rotator cuff surgery? It’s a more common question than you might think. 

Every year, a staggering 4.5 million patients in the United States seek medical attention for rotator cuff injuries of varying severity, with close to 250,000 of these cases needing a surgical repair.

Rotator cuff surgery is a delicate process and the subsequent recovery can have an impact on daily activities, including what you can wear and how easy it is to get dressed independently. 

Should I Wear a Bra to the Hospital for Shoulder Surgery?

Before delving into post-surgery considerations, let’s look at what to wear to the hospital when you're preparing for your shoulder surgery. 

Surgery can be a worrying event, particularly if you’re not sure what to expect. Taking time to properly prepare for shoulder surgery can help to alleviate some of your worries. It can also help your loved ones who might need to assist with some simple tasks for the first few days after your rotator cuff surgery.

The key to clothing pre-surgery is comfort. Opt for a front-closure or loose-fitting bra that you can easily put on and take off. The reality is that you’ll likely have limited mobility following the surgery and probably won’t wear a bra at all when you leave.

What Can I Wear After Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Can you wear a bra after rotator cuff surgery? A rack of clothing in a variety of colors.

This limited mobility and joint discomfort can continue for a few weeks or even months after rotator cuff surgery. For this reason, comfortable clothing is essential. 

Loose fitting clothing and shirts or dresses that don’t require excessive movement of the shoulder are also very important. Overworking a joint that has recently been operated on can impede recovery and even lead to reinjury.

Those who wear bras might also find traditional bras with clasps at the back challenging  following a shoulder surgery. 

A front-closure bra is an excellent choice during the initial recovery phase. These bras are designed to be put on and taken off with minimal arm movement, reducing strain on the healing shoulder.

When Can I Wear a Bra After Rotator Cuff Surgery?

The timeline for reintroducing a bra after rotator cuff surgery completely depends on individual recovery and it's crucial to follow your surgeon's recommendations. 

You might already be following some tips for rotator cuff surgery recovery, but one of the best pieces of advice is to really think about adapting things like clothing to minimize the risk of straining and reinjuring the shoulder.

Typically, it's advisable to wait until you have regained sufficient mobility and the healing process is well underway to start wearing a bra again. For some, this can take a couple of weeks.

Starting with a soft, front-closure bra can ease the transition and reduce unnecessary strain on the shoulder joint. Long-term, it can be a good idea to stick with these adaptive bra options because they reduce joint wear and tear and offer more comfortable solutions for everyday wear.

What Kind of Bra Can I Wear After Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Can You Wear a Bra After Rotator Cuff Surgery? A close up of a mature woman's chest as she shows off the velcro closure on the Springrose adaptive bra.

Choosing the right bra post-surgery is crucial, as is learning to put a bra on safely after rotator cuff surgery.

We highly recommend bras with front closures for any shoulder surgery recovery period, as they eliminate the need to reach behind your back. 

Front-closure bras, like the Springrose Adaptive Bra, offer the support you need without causing unnecessary discomfort or strain on the healing shoulder. 

These bras are specifically designed to address the challenges posed by limited mobility during recovery.

In addition to being front-closing, the Springrose Easy On Mobility Bra can be put on with only one hand and has additional O-rings for those who struggle with grip or hand dexterity.

Shop Springrose for front closing bras that are perfect for recovery.

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