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Is Adaptive Clothing For Diabetics More Practical?

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11 Jun 2024

Is clothing for diabetics a necessary investment, and why can some adaptive clothing options be more convenient, comfortable and safe for those with diabetes?

We’re going to take a look at why clothing choices can be important for those with diabetes and examine a few options that could offer practical solutions for those searching for alternatives. 

We’ll also explore what options you might consider when buying clothing gifts for diabetes or helping a loved one with tools to manage their condition.

clothing for diabetics: a woman with a glucose reader

Why Would Clothing Impact Diabetes?

Although not often considered, there are a number of ways that clothing can impact those with diabetes.

Firstly, it’s important to consider necessary medical devices. Some diabetics have small blood glucose meters on an arm or a leg to regularly monitor glucose levels, whilst others may have a small insulin pump or even a pen to help manage symptoms.

Although these devices are now much smaller than they once were, lots of clothing options do not take into consideration these devices, and this is where adaptive clothing can be invaluable.

Those who wear insulin pumps or special belts to hold necessary equipment might need to find convenient clothing to help secure and conceal them. Similarly, those with BGMs may want to avoid sleeves that restrict or catch their devices. This is something to consider when buying clothing for diabetics.

Diabetic Clothing For Safety and Convenience

It’s often suggested that those with diabetes should wear padded, light-coloured socks. 

This might sound a little bit strange but the idea behind it is actually incredibly useful. 

Those with diabetes need to be cautious about wounds and cuts. For people with diabetes, particularly uncontrolled diabetes, minor cuts and scrapes take longer to heal and are more prone to infection. 

Light-coloured socks can show bleeding due to blisters or cuts and help those with diabetes to better manage their condition. The extra padding and lack of seams in diabetic socks can also help to avoid injury.

A similar concern might arise for other items of clothing that might dig in, cut or irritate the skin. Traditional bras, for example, can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear. Front-fastening adaptive bras (like the Springrose Easy On Mobility Bra) can be a great way to still look and feel good with the added bonus of comfort and easy adjustment.

clothing for diabetics: a rail of comfortable womens clothing

Diabetic Clothing For Comfort

Adaptive clothing can make accessing medical devices more convenient and comfortable. Being able to undo a small area to change batteries, check devices or administer insulin can be extremely beneficial.

Adaptive clothing can be both stylish and comfortable. There are plenty of options that combine both of these elements. Convenience doesn’t always mean sacrificing style.

Take a look at our guide for clothing that combines both comfort and style.

Diabetic Clothing for Awareness

Some clothing for diabetics is all about raising awareness. Simply letting others know that you are diabetic with a pin or a sweater can be incredibly useful and remind people that you and others around you may have additional needs to be considered.

diabetic clothing on a rail

Buying Clothing For Diabetics

If you’re buying clothing for a loved one with diabetes, be sure to consider their condition to ensure that the clothing is both comfortable and convenient. This may mean adjusting the size you buy, looking for adaptive or easy-fasten options, or even searching for clothing designed specifically to hold medical devices. 

If in doubt, you can always choose a gift card to allow your loved one to get something that they really love and feel confident and comfortable in.

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