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6 Practical Gifts For Patients With Brain Tumors

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24 Oct 2023

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When a loved one experiences a brain tumor or life-changing brain injury, they will most likely need the help, reassurance, and support of those around them. It’s common to want to support in any way you can as someone you love faces these new challenges, and there are some gifts for patients with brain tumors that can help to make every day life just that little bit easier.

6 Gifts To Support Patients With Brain Tumors

It can be difficult to know what to buy for loved ones, especially if you’re looking for brain tumor gifts that are practical and affordable.

We’ve put together a list of six areas that you can explore when it comes to brain tumor gifts.

Simple-Use Clothing

Beautiful mature woman reclining in bed, playing with her hair while softly smiling at camera, wearing the Springrose adaptive bra in terracotta

When a loved one experiences a brain tumor it’s common to also experience problems with mobility. For adults especially, this sudden loss of independence can be really difficult.

You can gift your loved one easy-use clothing with adaptive features to help them regain confidence in their movement and start to feel independent again.

Our favorite option in this category is adaptive bras. We often underestimate both the importance and intricacy of this everyday item so when an event like a brain tumor occurs it can be quite a shock how complicated back fastening fixtures and fittings can be. 

4 Adaptive Clothing Options For Brain Tumor Patients

See more options in our guide to adaptive clothing for style-conscious adults.

Adaptive Utensils

A change in cognitive function and related mobility limitations are typically the most noticeable when doing small tasks that were previously simple, like using a knife and fork.

When experiencing treatment or recovery related to a brain tumor, it can be important for your loved one to continue to work on those skills. It can unfortunately be a frustrating process. 

Adaptive utensils, like wide handled knives, forks and spoons, and scoop plates and bowls can make the process of working on motor function more simple. This makes them a very thoughtful option when it comes to gift shopping.

Noise Control Tools

Gifts for patients with brain tumors: noise cancelling headphones in white

For many, brain injuries and brain tumors impact the senses. Sensory overload can be triggered by sounds, sights and smells. 

Noise canceling headphones can make brilliant brain tumor gifts. It’s important to check what type would be most appropriate because, whilst overhead options might seem like the most simple to use, they might interfere with ongoing treatment and monitoring.

If headphones aren’t an appropriate gift, you could consider something like a white noise machine to mask disruptive or sensitive sounds in the home instead.

Home Therapy Tools

If you want your gift to be completely functional, you might want to explore home therapy tools. It’s not uncommon for brain tumor gifts to focus on recovery and regaining some function and mobility. 

You could explore smaller tools like grip exercisers or look into more advanced options like the popular FitMi tools for daily exercises.

Relaxation Aids

Gifts for patients with brain tumors: heated pillows. A woman wrapped in a green blanket has her arms wrapped around a pillow.

Everybody needs to relax and rest. Your brain tumor gifts can absolutely focus on helping your loved one to unwind and destress.

Essential oils like lavender tend to have a relaxing impact. You could try using lavender essential oils in a diffuser or even explore heated wrap pillows infused with a relaxing scent.

Entertaining Gifts For Brain Tumor Patients

Perhaps most importantly, brain tumor survivor gifts should show you care. Your loved one is so much more than their condition and finding new and exciting products related to things they already love can allow them to reconnect with hobbies and interests in new ways and allow them to take their mind off recovery for a while.

For many patients, their loved ones simply being there and offering support and a listening ear is all they need.

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