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16 Gifts Parkinson's Patients Will Love for Greater Comfort and Independence

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25 Aug 2023

Gifts parkinson's patients showcasing a brown paper wrapped package surrounded by flowers

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Finding the perfect gift for a loved one facing Parkinson's disease can be a great way to show your support and make their journey a little more comfortable. 

Parkinson's disease can bring unique challenges to daily life, but with the right gifts, you can provide practical solutions that enhance their well-being. 

We have curated a list of 16 thoughtful and useful Parkinson’s disease gifts that can make a really positive impact on the life of your loved one.

16 Gifts For Parkinson’s Patients

Adaptive Bra Gift Card

Gift for parkinson's patient: an adaptive front closing bra

For those with Parkinson’s disease, clothing can be a particular struggle, especially when fine motor skills are affected. Buttons and small clasps quickly become impossible without assistance.

Adaptive bras can be one of the most valuable gifts you can give in terms of allowing your loved one to regain some independence.

An adaptive bra with front closures or Velcro fastens ensures dressing is frustration-free and comfortable.

Our most recommended adaptive bra is the Springrose Adaptive Front Closure Bra. It offers crucial independence, is incredibly stylish, and makes the perfect gift for a person with Parkinson’s.

Don't want to ask for their bra size? Give them a gift card, so they can choose.

Voice Activated Assistants

Smart speakers and other voice activated devices can help Parkinson's patients to better control their environment using voice commands, making tasks such as turning off lights or setting reminders easier.

It also allows your loved one an easier way to communicate that is less reliant on things like texting that can involve fine motor skills.

Popular options are things like Amazon Echo devices because they are incredibly good for compatibility with other smart home gadgets.

Weighted Utensils

Hand tremors are a common symptom for Parkinson's patients. Weighted utensils can be a great gift because they offer stability while eating, making mealtimes more enjoyable.

Bunmo offers a good selection of weighted utensils and also adapted utensils for easier grip.

Compression Garments

Gift for parkinson's patient: woman pulling up a black compression sock on the bed

Compression socks or gloves can be useful for managing swelling and improving blood circulation, which is particularly beneficial for those with limited mobility.

The good news is that not all compression socks have to be boring. Shop for fun patterns from Comrad.

Lap Blanket

Comfort is key for those who may need more regular rest or those who find it tiring to do everyday tasks and errands. A cozy lap blanket can provide much needed comfort and warmth, especially during these important periods of rest or relaxation.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Essential oils have calming effects that make them the perfect gift for Parkinson’s patients. An aromatherapy diffuser can help create a soothing environment to alleviate stress and anxiety.

There are some high end diffusers available if you really want to treat your loved one to a special gift. There are also some more affordable alternatives if you want to give aromatherapy a try.

Gentle Exercise Equipment

Gifts parkinson's patients: woman pulling on a resistance band with her feet

Even though some mobility might be a challenge, movement is important for blood flow and general wellbeing. Resistance bands or hand exercisers can promote flexibility and strength while accommodating Parkinson's-related challenges.

Adaptive Eating Tools

As well as adaptive cutlery, companies create specially designed cups, plates, and other kitchen utensils with ergonomic handles that can make eating more manageable for those with Parkinson’s.

Adaptive bowls and plates will generally have higher tops and curved edges to make it easier to scoop food.

Shop adaptive Parkinson’s plates.

Tablet or E-Reader

If your loved one is a bookworm there are gifting options that can allow them to enjoy one of their passions. Devices like e readers offer entertainment and intellectual stimulation, without the need for physically turning pages.

They can be the perfect Parkinson’s gift idea if you want to avoid buying adaptive tools.

Heat Therapy Items

Gifts parkinson's patients: Red hot water bottle on a woman's legs

Heating pads, hot water bottles or wraps can help alleviate muscle stiffness, which is a common symptom of Parkinson's disease.

Not only can they be a cozy gift for the winter months, but they can really help to provide some comfort to someone who experiences aches and pains regularly.

Online Subscription Services

Treat your loved one to something that will help them to forget about their condition. 

Here are 5 subscription services that can be fun gifts for Parkinson’s patients:

  1. Netflix
  2. Audible 
  3. Spotify
  4. Amazon Prime
  5. Scrib

Enrich their days with streaming services, audiobooks, or online courses that cater to their interests.

Hand and Foot Massagers 

Massage and physical therapy devices can provide soothing relief to help manage muscle tension and discomfort.

It may be possible to discuss your loved ones' condition with their health professional or physical therapist to buy recommended tools that will aid their treatment.

Supportive Pillows

Gifts parkinson's patients: a set of pillows against a wall, nicely set

If your loved one finds it difficult to get cozy, specialized pillows offer comfort and proper alignment during sleep, addressing potential discomfort.

Supportive pillows can come in all shapes and sizes and some may be better than others for managing the particular aches and pains being experienced.

Explore a cervical support pillow.

Voice-Controlled Smart Home Devices

Pairing smart home devices with a smart speaker or voice activated assistant can make managing the home much more simple. Dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, or play music with voice commands, enhancing accessibility.

These helpful and accessible tools can be gifts Parkinson’s patients truly value.

Ergonomic Writing Aids

Writing grips and aids offer improved control and comfort during handwriting. This can make everyday tasks much easier for someone with limited mobility or an unsteady hand.

One of the best options for Parkinson’s patients is the weighted pen. It has a wide barrel and a rubber grip to make it even easier to use.

Personalized Photo Albums

gifts parkinson's patients: a photo album surrounded by flowers and tea

Personalized gifts are always great for showing someone that you really care. Photo albums can be the perfect option if you want to give a thoughtful gift to a loved one. Fill the pages with happy memories and give a gift they can truly treasure.

If you want something durable for someone who might struggle to hold a big handmade album, try printing photos into a book format. It reduces the likelihood of damaging the prints, ensures it’s easy to hold and can mean that you have a digital copy should anything happen to your gift.

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