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Clothing For Scoliosis: Adaptive Bras and Clothing

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10 Nov 2023

Young woman with scoliosis taking a mirror selfie

When it comes to clothing for scoliosis, comfort is key. Whilst it’s not too common for the condition to cause severe pain, daily activities can still be uncomfortable and most people with more severe scoliosis will try to avoid tight fitting clothes to help better manage this discomfort.

For many with scoliosis, fashion, and particularly finding styles that work for a specific body shape, can be very important. Not only is it important to find a good fit for comfort, but it can be a good way to express personal style and bolster self-confidence if clothing really shows off some personality.

Understanding Scoliosis

Scoliosis, the twisting or curvature of the spine, typically starts in children and teenagers. There is a huge variety in how extreme this curvature or twisting is, meaning that people with scoliosis will often have very different experiences when it comes to discomfort and mobility. Some experience asymmetry in shoulders and shoulder blades whilst others will see different changes to posture and torso shape.

In many cases scoliosis doesn’t require surgery, but in some more extreme instances, surgery is required to help with comfort and the avoidance of long term muscular and nerve-related issues. In these cases, adaptive clothing can be particularly useful both before and after surgery.

A scoliosis surgery won’t typically happen until a person is fully grown which can cause a clothing dilemma for younger people with the condition who want to feel confident in their own style.

Check out our guide to adaptive clothing for young adults.

 Clothing for scoliosis: a nice display of clothing with elastic, a soft-looking cardigan, and lace up shoes

Features in Clothes for Scoliosis: Navigating Comfort and Style

For individuals with scoliosis, fashion isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good too. Finding clothes that strike the delicate balance between comfort and style can be transformative and help with confidence and self-expression. 

Here are some key considerations for choosing clothes when living with scoliosis:

Embrace Adaptability, But Don’t Rely On It

Adaptive clothing is designed to include innovative, user-friendly features. These can be front-fastening closures, wider leg and arm holes and even the option for one-handed use.

These specialist features can make a huge difference for those struggling with daily pain and mobility.

Whilst there are some amazing adaptive products out there, there are also many outdated adaptive clothing options that lack the style-factor that many are looking for.

Of course, there are trendy options to be found, like the Springrose bra, but in most cases, it’s not necessary to rely solely on adaptive clothing for scoliosis. 

Try to find those few items that truly make your life easier, like a bra, but combine them with things that show off your style. You should always aim to feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear, because you look great no matter which style you feel like experimenting with.

Consider Practicality

When you’re exploring clothing for scoliosis, practicality is key. It’s especially important if you need to wear a brace or back support. 

Typically it’s advised to wear a tight-fitting seamless shirt underneath your brace to prevent it from irritating the skin, this also makes it possible to explore more options when it comes to style.

Layering is widely considered to be a good option for those with scoliosis. Not only does it not interfere with your brace but it opens up options in terms of fit and style that you can try out.

Prioritize Comfortable Fabrics

Comfortable fabrics, and clothing made from soft, breathable materials will allow for easier movement and minimize skin irritation. Fabrics like TENCEL are fairly safe options and if you can avoid options that are too tightly fitted for your layering, they can provide the comfort needed for all-day wear.

Look At The Symmetry Of Your Own Body

Asymmetry is perhaps one of the most common characteristics of scoliosis. It can be a difference in shoulder height or a change caused by the curvature in the spine. 

Everyone is different when it comes to body symmetry and proportions, so it’s worth taking some time to look at where extra layers, asymmetrical fits or accessories can help you to feel confident in your look. 

Find A Fit That Works For You

The fit of clothes greatly impacts how we feel when we wear them. Loose fitting clothes or straight clothes are typically more comfortable options for those with spinal curvature. 

It can be tempting to overestimate sizes in an attempt to disguise your scoliosis but if you choose clothes in a style that suits you you can feel comfortable and confident, without sizing up too much. 

One option is to find a reasonably-priced tailor in the area who can modify any off the rack item to fit better. You may even be able to negotiate a more affordable price for a set of clothes than for a single item. 

A good, scoliosis-friendly bra will work wonders in that it offers proper support and adds visible length to the torso, making your clothes hang better. This will allow you to experiment more with cuts and styles.

Try out our size quiz to find out what size you should be shopping for.

Consider Adjustability

Look for garments with adjustable features such as elastic waistbands, drawstrings, or Velcro closures. These allow for a customizable fit that accommodates the unique contours of the body.

For bras in particular, it’s useful to have Velcro fastens and front-adjusting straps that can be tightened or loosened to suit your needs if your discomfort level changes.

Explore Scoliosis-Friendly Brands

There is a growing niche of adaptable fashion brands and lines that cater to those with unique clothing needs. These brands understand the importance of style and comfort and incorporate them into their designs.

The Springrose adaptive bra in terracotta

Our Favorite Scoliosis-Friendly Clothing Options

Scoliosis clothing brands can be hard to find, but we’ve chosen a couple of items that are worth looking into.


Springrose is of course on the list of scoliosis-friendly clothing options that you need to check out. Not only is the Springrose adaptive bra comfortable and adjustable to suit curvature related to scoliosis, but it looks great. There’s no need to shop for standard back-fastening bras when there’s an adaptive option that looks this good.

Racerback Tank Tops

It might sound like an odd option, but racerback tank tops can be perfect for those with scoliosis or asymmetry in their shoulders, shoulder blades or upper back. The design means that if you have one shoulder that protrudes more the fit will likely be more comfortable. These tops can come in a variety of patterns, colors and materials and can easily be layered if it’s cold outside.

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