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Unstoppable Women: Molly Farrell

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02 Jul 2024
Molly Farrell in a beautiful blue top with white pants, smiling and shinning at golden hour


Molly is a content creator and influencer on Instagram. On her account,, she shares about her life and passions. She loves fashion, beauty, and community. As a disabled woman, she cares about disability representation and sharing what it means to be disabled in hopes of helping others.

Nicole: Molly, could you tell us more about yourself?

Molly: I had a spinal cord injury when I was 13 years-old. I fractured C5-C6 vertebrae and was paralyzed from my shoulders down. My doctors told me that I had a less than 1% chance of ever walking again.

But thanks to all of the physical therapy, my occupational and physical therapists, and my family, I am walking again. I walk with pink forearm crutches, which are my signature fashion accessory now! I have always loved fashion and now am passionate about accessible and functional fashion.

Growing up, I always loved clothes and shopping, and after I got hurt, all my abilities changed. It affected how I was able to get dress and how I shopped for clothes.

I had to learn new ways to make clothes work for me and my new abilities and had to come up with different hacks to make clothes fit and work. So, throughout the years, I figured out different tricks that worked for me and wanted to share that with others and share my love for fashion with others. Hopefully, it helps people who are going through similar situations.

That's how I started my Instagram account,

Two images side by side of Molly Farrell wearing cool outfits and smiling. In one she has a simple patterned top but the background is very geometric and colorful. In the other she has a flowy dress, that's split down the middle yellow and orange.

Nicole: What drew you to fashion specifically?

Molly: I remember, as a young girl, shopping with my mom and my sister and having it be a fun outing for us. We would get different clothing catalogs in the mail, and I would dog ear the pages that I loved, and I just always knew the new fashion trends and styles.

Then I discovered fashion blogs in the early 2000s and LOVED checking all the different blogs every day. I also realized that there was no one with a physical disability who was blogging about fashion. I thought, “Well, I want to change that.” There should be more representation out there.

That’s what led me to finally start my Instagram account and share my love of fashion, focusing a lot on accessible fashion and functional fashion. And showing that no matter what your ability is you can still have style and still wear clothes that make you feel good, and that we're all fashion-able.

Nicole: What was the hardest part about starting?

Molly: I think just starting! You have this idea that you think about and talk about it for awhile, and you're like, “Oh wouldn't it be cool if I did this or that?” But the act of starting is the hardest part.

You just have to get over that initial fear and just go for it. If it flops, it flops, but at least you tried.

Nicole: What is something you wish you could go back in time as the person you are now and tell the you that was just starting out?

Molly: Oh, that's such a good question. I feel like I would tell myself to start sooner. I just went back and forth with my idea of my Instagram account for so long, a lot longer than I should have. So, I would tell myself to just go for it sooner. Don't be scared.

Nicole: What do you feel is your purpose in building this community?

Molly: My purpose has always been to share my story and hopefully connect with others going through similar situations. To hopefully help others whether that's with fashion or with different life tasks.

I love connecting with other people who have disabilities. I think that as a community, when we work together, we really are stronger. I also love sharing the fashion finds, because I know when I was in the hospital and couldn’t wear the clothes that I wanted to, it really affected my mood and how I felt.

Fashion is a lot deeper than just the clothes we wear. I think it truly affects our mood. I think when you can wear the clothes that you want to wear, you feel a lot better about yourself and it instills confidence. When you feel confident, you're able to do so much more with your life.

Close up of Molly smiling among the trees, wearing a white top

Nicole: I want to go back to something you said earlier, which is when you first had your injury, you were told that you would never walk again. I feel as though that's a somewhat common story. What you would say to somebody who is maybe at that stage where they're just post injury or they're starting their rehab journey?

Molly: I mean, obviously listen to doctors, but also trust yourself. No two people are the same. You might have a spinal cord injury and it might be the same level as mine, but you can present totally differently. I think you need to just have confidence in yourself and to fight for yourself whether or not the doctors believe it. You can't give up; you have to keep fighting.

I could have easily listened and not pursued therapy, but I didn't listen and I'm so thankful that I didn't listen. I'm so thankful for an amazing support system and family that was behind me the entire time, who continued to push me especially when the days got tough or during those weaker moments.

Nicole: Support systems are definitely important, and you've come a very long way. You've built this beautiful community, so I'm curious, what brings you joy?

Molly: My family. They have been by my side since day one. They have never given up hope and continue to push me every day. They're my biggest cheerleaders.

I'm an aunt to seven nieces and nephews and they all bring so much love and laughter into my life. I enjoy spending time with all of them and experiencing life and seeing them grow up.

Obviously, shopping and clothes, there's nothing better than finding a new outfit that makes you feel so good and confident. 

Nicole: That's okay, we can all admit to enjoying a good drink. Thank you for talking with me today!

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