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10 Useful Things For Stroke Survivors: A Guide

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10 Apr 2023
Useful Things for Stroke Survivors: a young Asian woman hugging her mother

When a loved one experiences a life-altering event like a stroke, it can be overwhelming. What are some useful things for stroke survivors to help them adapt and regain independence?

A stroke can leave patients feeling lost and craving independence. When you or a loved one experiences a stroke, the world very suddenly becomes a more difficult place.

You may be left wondering what to do next, how to adjust to your new reality, and what tools and resources are available to help you. It's natural to feel a bit lost, but there are things you can do to make the recovery process more manageable. 

We’ve chosen ten useful things for stroke survivors that can aid recovery, ease discomfort, and make daily life just that little bit easier. 

Whether you're a stroke survivor yourself or caring for someone who is, we hope this guide will help you navigate the road to recovery with greater confidence and ease.

Practical Aids: What Do Stroke Patients Need?

When a loved one experiences a stroke, many families and loved ones can find themselves asking what do stroke survivors need? Recovery can look very different for different people so you should look for tools that best support the needs of your loved one. 

Here are just a few of the more common options to explore:

1. Walking Aids

Many stroke survivors struggle with mobility issues, and walking aids such as canes or walkers can help improve their stability and confidence while moving around. Not only does it grant independence but it also gives you peace of mind. Luckily, there are some pretty and fashionable canes around nowadays from brands such as Neo Walk and Fashionable Canes.

2. Medication or Pill Organizers

Taking medication is crucial for stroke survivors, and pill organizers can help to keep track of their medication schedule and avoid missing any doses. This can be particularly useful where care is shared or multiple parties are helping with recovery.

3. Speech Therapy Tools

Many stroke survivors experience speech difficulties which can be frustrating and difficult to accept. Speech therapy tools such as speech therapy apps or communication boards can help to improve communication skills. This can be done outside of or in tandem with speech therapy sessions. 

4. Memory Aids for Stroke Patients

Stroke survivors may also experience memory loss, and memory aids such as calendars, reminder apps, or voice-activated assistants can help to keep track of important dates, events, and tasks.

5. Non-Slip Mats and Socks

Falls are a fairly common problem for stroke survivors, and non-slip mats in the bathroom or kitchen can help to reduce the risk of slips and falls. You can also buy non-slip socks or slippers.

Tools For Independence: What To Buy For Stroke Patients

Stroke patients want to regain their independence. Whether it’s getting dressed alone, eating meals more easily or simply getting ready in the morning. There are plenty of ways you can help patients to feel more like themselves.

6. Utensils For Stroke Patients

Stroke patients may experience difficulties with fine motor skills, and adaptive utensils such as weighted utensils can make eating easier and more comfortable. There are also specialist anti-tremor utensils that can be a great option if you're looking at options for what to buy for stroke patients.

7. Adaptive Clothing and Bras For Stroke Patients

Clothing designed for stroke survivors is comfortable, easy to put on, and can accommodate any physical limitations that may arise as the result of a stroke. Bras for stroke patients can be fixed with one hand and even front fastened. This can take away a lot of stress and offer an invaluable source of independence.

This is often a personal item for people, so another option is to buy them a gift card, so they can choose their size and color.

8. Electric Toothbrush

An often overlooked aspect of recovery is grooming and self-care. Manual toothbrushes can be difficult to use for stroke survivors who have limited mobility. An electric toothbrush can make brushing easier and more effective and can mean more independence.

9. Fun Activities

Stroke patients need to engage in fun activities, it’s essential for maintaining mental and emotional well-being during recovery. Activities such as music therapy, art therapy, audiobooks, or gardening are all wonderful options. Activities can encourage practising motor skills, working on memory or speech loss, or simply be an enjoyable break from recovery.

The Most Useful Thing For Stroke Patients

10. Support

There are lots of ways that you can support a loved one after a stroke. You can help them to organize specialist equipment, you can support them in their physical therapy or relearning of speech or movement, or you can simply be there for them. 

A stroke can completely change your life and it can be quite scary. Support is always a valuable thing for stroke patients.
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