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How To Put On A Bra With A Broken Shoulder

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25 Jun 2024
how to put on a bra with a broken shoulder: close up of a woman in a sports outfit holding her shoulder in pain

Learn how to put on a bra with a broken shoulder and what features can make dressing easier.

A broken shoulder, whether due to a fracture, dislocation, or surgery, severely limits the range of motion and strength in the affected arm. This can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks that involve any reaching, lifting, or pulling. 

Traditional bras with back closures can be particularly challenging to manage. Opting for bras with front closures or adaptive features will often be essential for comfort and ease during and after recovery.

Let’s look at which adaptive features are most useful for a broken shoulder.

Choosing The Best Bra For A Broken Shoulder

Before we explore how to put on a bra with a broken shoulder, it’s important to know if you have the right kind of bra. 

A broken shoulder can severely impact movement. Not only can you not properly lift and use your hand for fastening, but any twisting and stretching of the injured joint can actually lead to re-injury.

This is where adaptive bras work perfectly.

Do You Need An Adaptive Bra?

Woman showcasing the velcro front closure of the Springrose adaptive bra

Adaptive bras, like the Springrose Adaptive Bra, are specifically designed to cater to those with mobility challenges, whether temporary or more permanent. 

These bras often feature soft materials, wide straps, and easy-to-use closures that make dressing much simpler and more comfortable.

Front-Closure Bras For A Broken Shoulder

Front closure bras are an excellent choice for those with a broken shoulder. These bras fasten at the front, eliminating the need to reach behind your back. They are designed to be easy to put on and take off, reducing strain on your injured shoulder.

Velcro Closures

Velcro bras are another great option. These bras use Velcro straps instead of hooks, making them easier to fasten and adjust. 

Velcro bras can be particularly useful for those with limited dexterity or mobility in one arm. They’re also more flexible in fit which is useful for those who experience swelling. 

How To Put On A Bra With A Broken Shoulder 

Step 1: Prepare Your Environment

Before you start, make sure you are in a comfortable environment. It’s a good idea to sit down to avoid losing balance and to minimize strain on your injured shoulder. 

Have your bra within easy reach, preferably on your lap or a nearby surface.

To properly rest your shoulder, opt for a bra with front closures or Velcro fastenings. Ensure the bra is within easy reach and positioned so you can easily access the closures.

Step 2: Prepare The Bra

Think of putting the bra on as if you're putting on a jacket. Keep the Velcro fastenings attached on your injured side and open up the front Velcro hook-and-loop strap on the side where you have mobility in your hand or arm.

Step 3: Insert the Non-Movable Arm

Slide your non-mobile or injured arm (eg., the broken shoulder) through the hole created by the fastened side. Let the strap rest comfortably on your shoulder.

With your mobile arm, reach back and slide your arm through the other shoulder strap, bringing it up to your non-injured shoulder.

Step 4: Fasten and Adjust The Bra

Grasp the open Velcro strap and guide it towards the metal rectangle on the opposite front strap. Loop the Velcro strap through the rectangle, grab the tip from the other side, and pull it fully through, attaching it to the Velcro on the bra underband. 

Make sure the Velcro is securely fastened and check that no Velcro is exposed to avoid any discomfort.

Adjust the shoulder straps and front Velcro for a secure and supportive fit. 

With an injury, there can often be some swelling. It’s typically advised that a bra shouldn’t feel tight around your injury. Velcro straps mean you can easily adjust the fit to suit any swelling or sensitive areas.

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