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What Is The Best Trigger Finger Clothing?

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23 Jan 2024

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Living with trigger finger, a condition where one or more fingers get stuck in a bent position, can pose daily challenges, especially when it comes to dressing. 

It’s common to experience discomfort and limited mobility with trigger finger which makes it essential to choose clothing that simplifies rather than complicates daily routines.

Before we explore recommendations for the best trigger finger clothing, it’s important to identify what exactly it is about this condition that can make dressing more challenging.

What Is Trigger Finger?

Best trigger finger clothing: close up of a woman's hands as she rubs one, signaling pain

Trigger finger (medically known as stenosing tenosynovitis), is a condition where fingers or thumbs get stuck or “lock” between a bent position and a straight position, often moving with a click or pop. This can result in pain, stiffness, and a sensation of locking or catching when trying to move the affected finger. 

It arises most often in the thumb and ring finger when the tendon that helps to properly bend the finger becomes inflamed and swollen, causing it to catch in the tendon sheath. 

The exact cause of trigger finger is not always clear, but it's often associated with repetitive gripping actions. Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes are also known to increase the risk of developing trigger finger.

Trigger Finger Clothing For Simplified Dressing

Trigger finger clothing is most often characterized by its simple fastens and lack of need for gripping. Pain in the thumbs and fingers can make these actions particularly difficult. 

Adaptive clothing, or trigger finger clothing, is a practical solution that minimizes friction and offers simple use.

Adaptive clothing has specially designed features that make the act of dressing and undressing more simple for those with mobility or pain concerns when using their hands, shoulders or back.

Important Trigger Finger Clothing Features

Best trigger finger clothing: clothing rack with a wide assortment

Discomfort can vary so it’s important to identify where clothing can offer relief for problem areas.

Elasticity and Flexibility

Clothing that incorporates elasticity or stretchy components can mean that those with trigger finger experience minimal resistance and discomfort when dressing. 

Tighter clothes will often need to be pulled on and this can put extra strain on hands and, specifically, finger joints.

Front-Fastening Designs

Front-fastening clothing, whether it's bras, shirts, or dresses, can eliminate the need for intricate hand movements if you choose the right items.

Hooks and loops or buttons are best avoided because they require intricate movements. Instead, you could explore Velcro fasteners that require less hand dexterity. 

Material Options

Soft and stretchy materials are often preferred for trigger finger-friendly clothing. They cater to those with sensitivity or limited mobility in their hands.

Trigger Finger Clothing Recommendations

Front-Fastening Bra

 Best trigger finger clothing: Springrose's adaptive bra, a close up of the finger rings

A bra with a front-fastening design removes the challenges associated with reaching behind and fastening intricate fixtures.

We recommend the Springrose adaptive bra which has a soft Velcro fasten at the front, can be put on one-handed, and has an optional O-ring for extra assistance with grip.

Elastic or Zipper Pants

 Best trigger finger clothing: a close up of an elastic waistband

Pants with elastic components in the waistbands offer comfort and adaptability. They don’t require lots of effort to put on and can offer independence when dressing for those with pain and limited mobility in their hands.

There are a number of options available that can be stylish and are ideal when hand movement is especially uncomfortable. For example: 

Button-Free Shirts and Dresses

 Best trigger finger clothing: a pretty flatlay of a lilac summer dress, a sun hat, and high heels

Shirts designed without buttons reduce the need for fine motor skills, offering a hassle-free dressing experience for those with hand and joint pain.

Velcro and magnet fasten shirts are ideal and require minimal strain on the hands when dressing. Pull over options are also great if shoulder mobility is not an issue.

Magnetic Laces or Velcro Fasten Shoes

Adapting existing footwear to use magnetic laces can help to avoid intricate knot tying, making it easier for those with trigger finger to put on and tie shoes. 

There is no need to throw away comfortable shoes that you already love when they can simply be adapted to better consider trigger finger.

Want to learn more about adaptive clothing? Here are some of our top recommendations for limited mobility.

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